From the words of Keira's loving mommy, Robin

What is Childhood Cancer? 
Childhood cancer is so much more than just a disease. 
Cancer is Scary- It is a beautiful little 7 year old girl who one day out of the blue tells you she can no longer see, finding out she has cancer and she has to have her first surgery, chemotherapy and radiation on the very next day and then she has to continue to fight this monster for the next 3 years. 
Cancer is Not Fair- It is a little 7, 8, 9, 10 year old girl with gorgeous red curly hair that falls out not once but 6 times. It's not being able to play sports or go to the lake and do what you have always loved to do. 
Cancer is Loss- It is loosing friends, not just the one friend in the world that gets you, makes you feel so special, and loves you for who you are, even your crazy, spunky, sassy little attitude, but loosing 8 other children you have gotten to know who also have cancer. It is the loss of friends who you used to play with before you had cancer. It is also loosing the ability to walk, sit up on your own or even roll over in a bed. So much loss no one can even begin to understand. 
Cancer is Pain- It is being in so much pain you would rather just go back to sleep than sit for another minute or being on so much pain meds your breathing is compromised but if you stop taking the pain meds you can't even take it for one second, it is so painful you can't handle someone touching you anywhere on your body because it feels like razor blades are being scraped across your body, it is hurting so much you throw up. 
Cancer is Heartbreak- It is finding out that at the young age of 10 years old, after a 3 year battle with a monster that is growing inside of you, that there is nothing else the doctors can do and knowing you are going to die, that you are going to have to leave this world with your parents, siblings and all your friends. 
Cancer is Tears- It is tears running down your face because all you want is to be a normal kid who can play soccer, ride your moped, that you just got for Christmas but have only been able to ride a few times, up and down the street, and jump on a trampoline. 
Cancer is embarrassing- It is difficulties with going to the bathroom, the loss of your bowels so you must wear a pull-up/diaper because you can't control when you go to the bathroom, it's difficulty going to the bathroom causing things like hemroids or having to get a catheter put in because you can't fully empty your bladder. 
Cancer is unpredictable- you never know what is going to happen day to day. It is thinking your cancer is gone and ringing a bell, just to find out less than 6 months later that you are going to have to start all over again because they found a new tumor. It is not knowing if you are going to get to stay home or if you will have to go to the hospital to stay for days or sometimes weeks at a time leaving your family, siblings and favorite pets behind, it's not knowing if you are going to get poked with inch long needles, not once but maybe twice in one day, or if you are going to have to take medicine that makes you feel yucky, or have to lay in an MRI machine for 2 hours without moving. You never know what is going to happen day to day. 
Cancer is a thief- it takes friends, stolen childhoods, time away from family, siblings, and friends, it takes birthday parties, and money.

Hospitals become your second home and nurses and doctors become amazing friends and fellow cancer moms become your family.

Cancer changes who you are, it makes you stronger, it makes you do things you never thought possible...
It makes you Brave- It is a child who one day decides she is brave enough to give herself her own shot or access her own port with an inch long needle that she sticks into her chest. It is being so brave that when there is nothing else the doctors can do, she tells her mommy "I will be ok because I will be with Jesus and he is the best person to be with" 
It gives you Friendship- It is meeting new friends, friends who are like you, who have been through what you have been through, friends that "get it"....they get everything! It is an unbreakable bond between two children who were brought together by an unimaginable illness. 
It's finding your "twin" who looks nothing like you, who is older than you, but since you battle the monster it makes you the same! 
It makes you a Fighter- It is fighting with every inch of your body and soul to just keep going, to just get up and get dressed, to take those 10-20 pills every day even though you don't want to. It is fighting sometimes just to wake up and eat breakfast.

Cancer is so much more than just a disease...cancer changes everyone it comes in contact with and it tries to destroys everything in its path, but WE are stronger than cancer, OUR family is stronger than cancer. Cancer does not define us, it may separate our family for a short period of time but we will defeat it one way or another. We have an amazing God who has promised us a life without pain, sadness, fear, sickness, and especially without cancer as long as we believe and have faith in him alone. We believe in Gods plan and will trust him and not let cancer pull us apart or destroy us!
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